Church Rotation Program


The Mechanics:

  1. On the first of two consecutive Sundays, the Pastor will pass out We Feed bags to the Congregation and instruct them to return the next week with the bags full of food.
  2. On the next Sunday, the Congregation returns with the donations.They leave the food in designated areas and ’check in’ via the app — this captures them as participants and thus increases the Churches score.
  3. If you wish the food to be sent to the Food Bank of SEVA, a truck will be scheduled to pick up the donations the following Monday.If you wish to keep the food for your own pantry, just alert us so no truck will be sent.
  4. Each Church will be promoted in the WeFeed app and website as well as other social media channels to show the Good Works your Congregation are involved in.
  5. Each Church will be provided WeFeed bags on the Friday before their food drive starts.After the event is over the bags will be recycled to be used at the next Church.If you are sending the food to the Food Bank, please also send the extra bags.If you are keeping the food to stock your own pantry, the bags will be picked up from your Church.

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Group Profile

The Church Rotation Program is a citywide initiative to combat food insecurity. The goal is to have a food drive every week in order to produce a steady stream of donations to feed the hungry, with the food drives ‘rotating’ between Churches in the program.

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