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New Jerusalem Ministries Food Drive

Posted by Sean Manos on September 6, 2017 10:30 PM EDT
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Candice from the Foodbank's Outreach section helped me get in contact with New Jerusalem Ministries, who were doing a food drive and needed bags. Yesterday I stopped by their office and dropped off all the bags they needed, and let them know to ask if they needed more. We should know how much food was donated in a few weeks! 

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New algorithms and network monitors allow connections between food pantries, homeless shelters, and other businesses with excess foods, all under the national moniker of Feeding America. These instant connections allow the food to be transported to wherever it is needed most, and quickly! Read more here 


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On March 6th, the WeFeed team met with officials of the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center, The Church of Acension, the Holy Trinity Food Pantry, and St. Mark's Catholic Church. While the Church of Acension already has a surplus of incoming food donations and will not be able to participate, the program was received well by the other three and they all showed interest in participating. 

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On March 13th, the WeFeed Team went around to the Star of the Sea Church, the Eastern Shore Chapel, and the Salvation Army and talked to the managers of their food pantries. All three were very receptive of the idea, and the Star of the Sea Church and Salvation Army put us in contact with other food pantries that they work with that might also be interested in the program. 

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On Tuesday, 28/2/17, the WeFeed Team presented the Food Recovery Initiative to the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association.  The program was well received by members of the board, and an agreement was reached to share the Initiative with all of the members of the Restaurant Association.  We look forward to connecting those members to the food pantries and shelters that serve the hungry in our community.

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