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Church Rotation Program Orientation at the FoodBank of SEVA

Posted by Webmaster 7 on April 26, 2016 7:15 PM EDT
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Today representatives of Churches across Norfolk met at the FoodBank for an orientation meeting for our Church Rotation Program.  This program is a citywide initiative to combat food insecurity.  By mobilizing our faith-based communities in this effort, we have an opportunity to make a true difference in the fight to feed the hungry.  

The program is simple and effective: On one Sunday, the pastor will distribute We Feed bags to the congregation and instruct them to return next Sunday with the bags full of food.  The next Sunday the congregation returns with full We Feed bags and sorts the food for delivery to the Foodbank.  If you already operate a food pantry, then the food will first go to stocking your pantry and whatever is leftover will be donated.  We Feed will provide the bags to run the program, and recirculate them to the next church after each event.  We have also developed a mobile app that helps facilitate the food drive and tracks participation.

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