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The Food Recovery Initiative utilizes a mobile app to simplify and streamline the Food Recovery process. The app creates a ‘virtual market place’ where organizations can post and claim donations. By connecting donors with excess food to those who need it, the hungry get fed, edible food isn’t wasted, and carbon emissions are reduced. Donors: Restaurants and other businesses with leftover food can post to the app, alerting nearby pantries and shelters of available food. Our system tracks and records all donations, and generates a yearly report to help you receive tax deductions for donations. Recipients: When a donor posts to the app, recipients will be alerted by push notification of the available food. If the recipient wishes to collect the food, they click ‘claim’ and send a driver to pick it up. Food pantries, shelters, and other registered 501.c3 organizations are eligible to become recipients.

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Meeting with more food pantries in Norfolk and Virginia Beach
Today, March 13th, Teddy and I went around to the Star of the Sea Church, the Eastern Shore Chapel,...
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Meeting with the food pantries of Norfolk and Virginia Beach
Today, March 6th, Teddy and I met with officials of the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center, The Church...
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Meeting with the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association
Last Tuesday, 28/2/17, the WeFeed Team presented the Food Recovery Initiative to the Virginia Beach...
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